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Get your own Recording Studio with Amazon stuff

     Sometimes the shower is not enough for your incredible singing skills, so now I show you some of the best products you can earn for less, professional results and everything find on amazon.

first of all, you need a sound interface, in some cases thats the must expensive part of the personal studio but in amazon you can find very affordable alternatives with professional quality, like the next one

 M-Audio M-Track 2X2 C-Series (99$ & free shipping)

Elegant, portable, powerful and durable, this audio interface can record your audio in 24 bits, 192 kh resolution for professional recording and monitoring, it means you got the same results of the beatles in abbey road but in your room

12 pack Acoustic Panels Studio Foam (16,99$ & free shipping)

No more people talking, mom calling you, dogs and birds allowed in your recordings, this acoustic panels helps you to avoid acoustic resonances in your walls, reduce reverb, waves and flutter echoes. Easy to cut in your walls size and you got a lot of them (12 squares of 12" x 12") for less than 20$.

Quibox BM-800 Condenser Microphone (29,99$ & free shipping)

This awesome microphone is a smart choice because you are buying 3 important things in just 1, this pack includes the condenser microphone with shockmount, the anti-pop Filter (don't worry, you can sing pop songs with this) and a very important thing: A CABLE! believe me, you can't do anything without the cable.

Behringer HPS3000 studio headphones (19,99$ & free shipping)

Hey! i'm super cereal, BUY THIS! forget the Dr Dre's overrated Beats, this is a real studio hardware. High definition audio, Cobalt Capsule, Ultra wide-dynamic range and incredibly confortable.

Mackie CR series CR3 Studio Monitors (99.99$ & free shipping)

This is optional because you can perfectly mix your recordings with the headphones, but c'mon, we want to hear this thing out loud! frontal panel with volume knob, self powered and full range 80Hz - 20Hz, the best 99.99$ you can earn in sound.

Now you got everything you need, let me hear the america´s next superstar and leave some of your music in the comments.

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